Welcome to Gigastrand!
Innovation. Like no one else.
There are a lot of companies out there that can sell you someone else’s ideas, but Gigastrand is the only company that understands technology at a level that allows us to engineer our own hardware, program our own software, and develop our own operating system.

We don’t just talk innovation. It’s What we do.

Gigastrand OS 3 Screenshot Gigastrand NVR
 Gigastrand Technology Management
How much are you paying for IT services? It is no secret: Technology is a major cost in business. But could you be overpaying for IT? Learn More….
Gigastrand Operating System
Gigastrand OS is at the heart of everything we do. Running this system will fix nearly all problems with current computing systems. Learn More….
 Gigastrand Security and NVR Systems
We have a variety of video security solutions based on the Gigastrand system suited for any application.
Learn More….