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Using a secondary storage drive was not originally in the design for the Gigastrand NVR software however, it is a critical feature for many users to be able to separate out the video storage from their main system drive. It also solves a host of other issues with storage and […]

Adding a Storage Drive to Gigastrand NVR

Twice we have seen where the drive appears to fill up but there is no apparent reason for the drive being full. Three of the reasons we have seen so far are caused by 4 different but related issues. 1. Apache errors – for some unknown reason, the Apache log […]

Gigastrand NVR: Drive Full, not recycling

One of our NVRs was attacked recently using a known attack that would have compromised or destroyed an off the shelf DVR. The operating system was corrupted by the attack, but it effectively stopped the attack in its tracks. The damage was repaired in less than 45 minutes and only […]

Anatomy of an unsuccessful NVR attack

It is here! Gigastrand NVR’s very first update. This update is freely downloadable. Gigastrand NVR 1.1 Update File Copy to index.js /etc/kmotion/www/www/js core_rc /etc/kmotion/core kmotion /etc/kmotion/www/vhosts vhosts_template /etc/kmotion/www/templates Download the update file and open it with ark Extract the files copy the files to their respective folders above Logout of any […]

Gigastrand NVR 1.1 Update

Note: The Gigastrand NVR software works without the need for special instruction in Gigastrand OS 3.0. Earlier versions of Gigastrand OS can run the software, but it will require special instruction. As a rule, however, it is not out of the box compatible with earlier versions of Gigastrand OS. You can also follow […]

Gigastrand NVR software installation

These signs have been highly requested by our customers. So, we made some for you to download and print. So, here are 6 signs you can use in your installation for free! videotaped  You are being videotaped recordedbyaudio You are being recorded by electronic audio devices premisesprotected Premises protected by electronic and […]

Security and Surveillance Signs