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It is a fairly inexpensive high definition camera that initially seemed incompatible. It is a Dlink DCS-935L that can push HD video at 1280×720. On paper the camera looked compatible but the RTSP video streams could not be read by the software. Today, Gigastrand re-tested the camera using the still frame […]

Gigastrand successfully tests first High Definition IP camera with NVR

GsNVR Playback
It is here! Gigastrand NVR’s very first update. This update is freely downloadable. Gigastrand NVR 1.1 Update File Copy to index.js /etc/kmotion/www/www/js core_rc /etc/kmotion/core kmotion /etc/kmotion/www/vhosts vhosts_template /etc/kmotion/www/templates Download the update file and open it with ark Extract the files copy the files to their respective folders above Logout of any […]

Gigastrand NVR 1.1 Update

Note: The Gigastrand NVR software works without the need for special instruction in Gigastrand OS 3.0. Earlier versions of Gigastrand OS can run the software, but it will require special instruction. As a rule, however, it is not out of the box compatible with earlier versions of Gigastrand OS. You can also follow […]

Gigastrand NVR software installation