About Gigastrand Security

Gigastrand Security aims to fulfill a growing demand for consistent and reliable video security systems.
Gigastrand Security systems meet or exceed growing consumer demand for video storage, IP camera technology, and reliability. Gigastrand Security systems use some of the most advanced Hybrid camera technology available on the market today.
Gigastrand Security systems are built using the same reliable, high-grade hardware as Gigastrand International’s PCs.


This means that we build some of the most reliable video security systems on the market with most advanced technology available. Gigastrand also uses modern, cross-platform software to support and monitor your system.

All Gigastrand Security Systems Are PC Based.


Standalone and embedded DVRs have gotten better over the years but are essentially unserviceable appliances. These “toy” DVRs pale in comparison to the capabilities and scalability of a PC based unit.

Not only can a PC-based unit be upgraded and monitored, our goal is for your system to be the last security system you will ever have to buy.

Gigastrand Security is a high tech company.
Some security providers lack the 21st century knowledge required to install, maintain and support modern security systems properly.Since its founding in 2006, Gigastrand International has helped users make sense of a complex and technical world. Gigastrand now takes this technical knowledge and has applied it to video security and alarm systems.