Gigastrand Technology Management


How much are you paying for IT?

It is no secret: Technology is a major cost in business. But could you be overpaying for IT?

Gigastrand estimates that nearly 90% of all businesses overpay for their technology needs and services. In almost every case, Gigastrand has saved companies thousands of dollars a month with Gigastrand Technology Management.

Gigastrand Technology Management allows you to tailor your needs to the services we provide. Only purchase the services you need and never overpay for services you don’t.

Our Labor Service includes, on-site, in-house, phone, and remote support. You can purchase as much or as little as you need from 15 minutes to 120+ hours per month. You can adjust the plan each time it renews and can combine the monthly labor to use at any time by paying per year.

Plans start at only $20 per month and include a 33% discount on all labor used beyond the included service. When you pay by the year, you can combine your monthly allowance to use any time of the year.