Gigastrand Technology Management Services

Below is a partial list of services that we offer.

PC SupportLinux MigrationProject Management
  • On-site (At your home or place of business)
  • In-house
  • Virtual Technician (Remote assistance)
  • Wholesale Support Services
  • Contracted Support Services
  • Document conversion
  • Server Migration
  • Workstation Migration
  • Custom Linux Migration
  • Systems Design
  • Network Design
  • Critical PC Imaging
  • DOS Support
  • Special Projects
Training ServicesSecurityPrinters
  • Linux Training
  • OpenOffice Training
  • Custom Solution Training
  • Network
  • PC
  • Video
  • Service
  • Repair
  • Maintenance

Onsite Coverage Area
This is the coverage area for onsite support. We do go to other areas on request.
Full Coverage Map

Gigastrand Technology Services Coverage Area

Local Coverage Area

Gigastrand Local Coverage

AREA 1: 1 Hour
AREA 2: 2 Hours
AREA 3: 3 Hours

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