Virtual Technician

technicianicon3Virtual Technician is remote assistance technology powered by TeamViewer combined with online tools from Gigastrand and others that allow our technicians to remote in and troubleshoot PC and network issues as though they were standing right there.
Download v10
Gigastrand Virtual Technician Software (All systems)Download Quick Support
Download Host Software
TeamViewer (Full software)
Only required for dual logins (Gigastrand and User)
Gigastrand OS
Download v8
Gigastrand Virtual Technician Software
for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Download Quick Support
Download Host Software
Download TeamViewer
Gigastrand Virtual Technician Software MacDownload Quick Support
Download Host Software
Gigastrand Virtual Technician Software Debian / Ubuntu Linux
*This software is included in the Gigastrand OS
Download 32Bit
Download 64Bit
Additional Tools
Port Scanner provided by T1shopper.comPort Scanner
Port forwarding Instructions from Port Forward
Internet bandwidth test.Speed Test
Check for your external IP AddressIP Chicken
Installation Key FinderKeyfinder
Router Check provided by Router Check
DNS Leak Test provided by DNS Leak Check
Microsoft Legacy OS WCry Patch PageWCry Patch