Gigastrand OS 3.6 – Now with Antivirus

Gigastrand OS 3 is getting a minor release today to update a few of the features it contains. It also is including Clam antivirus to help combat emerging threats that may impact your system.

While an in the wild infection probability is extremely low on a Gigastrand OS system, viruses are becoming more sophisticated and it is difficult to tell what sorts of attacks may be carried out in the future. Antivirus software is the next best defense against these threats.

Add to that the capabilities of Gigastrand OS live (the version of Gigastrand OS that boots off the disc or USB drive before install). We can now scan a system or hard drive from the live disc without installing anything. This can be very useful for techs that cannot enter Windows because of a virus infection.

Other minor fixes include:

  • Updated SpideroakONE to latest version
  • Removed Thunderbird installed by Gigastrand in favor of the one available in the Debian repository
  • Fixed the missing Firefox icon on the quick launch bar.
  • Installed recent updates from repositories
  • Removed Gigastrand installed virtual box in favor of the one in the Debian repository
  • Fixed the missing start menu link for Virtual Box
  • Updated Gigastrand NVR to include new version of ALVN (Advanced Live View for NVR – official release 1.4.4)
  • Added missing Intel microcode

Gigastrand OS v3.8 will be the next and final release in the 3.x family. It will get TeamViewer 12 and additional updates to be released around the time of Gigastrand OS 4.0 later this year.

Gigastrand OS can be downloaded through our online store for free. 

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