Viruses and Gigastrand OS

The recent ransom ware viruses have many re-examining computer security. While Gigastrand OS users have nothing to worry about, this recent string of viruses exploited a vulnerability in Windows the CIA had kept to themselves. Microsoft recently decried the stockpiling of vulnerabilities for use in intelligence operations. We tend to agree with them.

While it is important to keep your computer up to date, a recent Ars Technica article went one step further and compared those who do not enable automatic Windows updates akin to anti-vaxxers. The problem with that logic is that automatically updating can cause more frequent problems than not having an update you should have. A quick search of the very same website came up with this recent article about how an update for Windows 10 kicked people off the Internet.

Microsoft, if nothing else, keeps tech companies like us gainfully employed. However, while it is much harder to infect a Gigastrand OS machine, it is not impossible. Take this honeypot we placed outside a firewall running Gigastrand OS and NVR software. A hacker manually placed a virus on the system to perform denial of service (DDoS) attacks. We successfully removed the virus using ClamAV available from Apper (download clamav and clamtk).

Gigastrand OS Viruses

Gigastrand OS anti-virus

A fast moving in the wild attack like the ransom ware viruses we just saw was once thought to be relegated to history. In all fairness to Microsoft, Windows security has much improved in the last decade and attacks like WCry are exceedingly rare. They are unheard of with Linux and Gigastrand OS. 

Gigastrand’s policy with regard to Windows automatic updates is to have the update downloaded automatically and let the user install when they are ready. Gigastrand OS checks for updates several times a day and notifies the user when new updates are ready to install. Whenever possible, systems should be updated daily.

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