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Gigastrand OS 2.x – Virtual Box Kernel Module Error

In Gigastrand OS 2.x, When using Virtual Box (VBox), upon activating the virtual machine, it gives you an error about the kernel module not being installed, then prompts you to run a command. You can run that command in root terminal (copy and paste) and in a couple of minutes you will be able to use VBox until the next reboot. This issue has been resolved in Gigastrand OS 3.0.

There is a permanent fix to this issue. 

  1. Open Apper apper
  2. Search for “Virtual Box
  3. Remove v4.3 and click Apply
  4. Let it uninstall DKMS (if prompted)
  5. Download VBox 5 from

    1. Note: VBox may pop up a window saying “A new version is available” with the correct download link on it. You can use that link as well.
  6. Open the Downloaded file and install it.

This will fix the issue and if you have virtual machines created already, the configuration does not appear to go away for those after you upgrade.

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