Gigastrand OS: Hulu

The error varies depending on where you are viewing Hulu but it manifests as 3336 in Chrome. The reference to it is here in the Hulu support forums.

The problem is that Hulu has changed the way that they deliver video content. From the Ubuntu forums:

It seems that the issue is not technical but the OS distributor has to pay some kind of licensing fee for this feature to work and MS, Apple and Google have all paid (or actually owning the license). So, unless Canonical pays up,–then there will be special Chrome built just for Ubuntu,– Chrome is not going to work on sites like Hulu out of the box. I don’t think Canonical should pay though because it doesn’t make any money off desktop users other than donations.

We are looking into several solutions for this issue. One is to install the Hal Hack however, it looks like it only works in Firefox. We will update this post as we find a solution.