Gigastrand Security – Other Software

Miscellaneous software for Gigastrand Video Security Systems

PC Software

Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player


TightVNC Remote Assistance software
APC PowerchuteAPC Powerchute Battery Backup Monitoring Software for Windows
Hard drive diagnostic utility

Teamviewer Host
Gigastrand Host

Remote Assistance software (Powered by TeamViewer)

Gigastrand QS

Gigastrand Quick Support (Powered by TeamViewer)
DVR Standard InterfaceGigastrand graphics for Standard DVR Interface
DVR Professional InterfaceGigastrand graphics for Professional DVR Interface
DVR Enterprise InterfaceGigastrand graphics for Enterprise DVR Interface
DVR/HVR Registration
DVR/HVR Registration Installer for all DVRs
Registration DownloaderUtility to download the latest registration file into the correct location (for clients and servers).
K-lite CodecK-lite codec pack for DVD creation and full video support for Media Players
Media Player Filter MPK
Media player filter for DVR MPK video files.