Gigastrand Security Tools

Tools to help support Gigastrand video security systems and networks.

Internet / Networking
Port ScannerPort Scanner provided by
Port ForwardPort forwarding Instructions from
Speed TestInternet bandwidth test.
IP Chicken
Check for your external IP Address
PC Tools
Virtual BoxVirtual Environment tool for running operating systems within other operating systems. (Ex. Windows on Mac)
*Requires Minimum 1Gb Memory and Operating System license where applicable.
KeyfinderFind install keys for DVRs
HDD Space CalculatorHard drive space calculator application
Dynamic DNS
DDNS How-toDynamic DNS Instructions from

DDNS Updater

Dynamic DNS Updater for non-static IP addresses.
IP Camera
SADP SetupHIK IP Device discovery and configuration software
Search NVS
HH Search tool for Network Video Servers
Axis IP Tool
IP tool for Axis IP Cameras
Acti IP Tool
IP tool for Acti Cameras
Toshiba Tool
IP tool for Toshiba PTZ Cameras
Vivotek Tool
IP tool for Vivotek FD8161 Cameras – Manual Here