About Gigastrand

Gigastrand was founded February 2006 by former Gigabytes Computer Store Owner Josh Tordsen. Josh has always been committed to bringing better hardware and software support for Linux and has a vision for bringing Linux to the average user.

Gigastrand’s Committment to the Linux Community: The Linux community and computer users alike are constantly looking for something better. Whether it is more affordable, safer, or more stable computing, Gigastrand is that something better.

Gigastrand Computer Systems: Gigastrand systems come pre-loaded with all the software you need like OpenOffice, CD/DVD burning, video and music software, photo editor and album, chat, e-mail, and Internet browser. In addition, Gigastrand makes sure installing software on our systems is easy!

Gigastrand Computer Lifetime Warranty: All Gigastrand desktop computer systems come with a standard Lifetime Warranty – unheard of in the computer industry – that will cover every part in the computer for the entire time you own the system. We also offer an optional Limited Lifetime Warranty on our laptop systems as well. We can offer this kind of warranty because each and every computer we build is inspected and tested by hand assuring you of a system that will perform from the very first time you turn it on.

Gigastrand Operating System: Millions of PC users and businesses are stuck with an operating system that is inefficient, insecure, incompatible, and under-supported. As a technology company, Gigastrand has helped countless people through the idiosyncrasies and problems with other systems.

As a solution, Gigastrand has developed the Gigastrand OS. Gigastrand OS is a self-supporting PC operating system designed around the end-user with superior cross-platform compatibility but is safer and less expensive to operate than other systems.

Paired with Gigastrand PCs, this system can save thousands of dollars a year over comparable systems and with Gigastrand Support Systems like Technology Services and remote assistance, you don’t need to be a geek to know how to use it.

A 100% Microsoft and iOS Free Business: Gigastrand International is a multi-national cross-platform solution provider committed to operating free of Microsoft Windows® software and proprietary iOS® devices. All of the software used in operations, primary support systems, and the conduct of business is 100% Linux-based.

It is our firm belief that in order to provide workable, true to life solutions for our customers, we must demonstrate a working model of how to use Linux to its full benefit. Gigastrand International’s business model is proof positive that going 100% Microsoft and iOS Free is not only possible, but can be fully realized.

Why would Gigastrand – or anyone else for that matter – want to be Microsoft and iOS free? It is not that Microsoft and Apple make bad products. Both companies work very hard and, on the whole, produce quality products that work. It is the nature of their business that motivates Gigastrand to be Microsoft and iOS free.

The bottom line is that there are many hidden costs to the end-user who must spend ridiculous amounts of money they would not normally have to spend if these companies would be a little more open and a little more end-user oriented.

Since 2006, Linux and open source software has saved Gigastrand International over $1 million in technical expenditures. That is pretty significant for a small business from South Dakota.

Giving Back to the Linux Community: In addition to the various products and services we offer, we also provide many free services to the public and those wanting to make the move to Linux. Services like online, forum and e-mail support; the Linux Ready program; forum user bars and image library; and the Gigastrand file sharing program.

When you purchase products and services from Gigastrand you help to support all that Gigastrand does for the Open Source and Linux community.

About Josh “Mr. Gigabytes” Tordsen: Josh Tordsen established Gigabytes Computer Store in September 2000 and quickly realized how lacking the options were for operating system choices. He immediately began looking for alternatives to Windows for his customers. In 2003, he found Lindows (later known as Linspire) and in June 2004 began offering it to his customers.

In December 2004, Josh acquired linspirenetwork.com and, backing the endeavour with his own time and money, revamped the entire site and turned it into a popular destination for users of Linspire by offering services like forums, support, backing of the early Freespire project, and custom-built Laptops and PCs. Sales of Linux-based Laptops at LinspireNetwork soon outpaced Gigabytes Computer Store’s sales by 4 to 1.

Josh realized that LinspireNetwork was too limited in capacity to effectively support a growing Linux market. So, in February 2006, Josh Tordsen and Patrick Green co-founded Gigastrand International. They also shared a booth at the 2006 Desktop Linux Summit.

Today, Josh continues to be an active member in Linux communities as well as supporting many other projects.