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Current Versions:
GsOS 1.2 (7/01/2014)
GsOS 2.2 (6/17/2015)

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Gigastrand OS 2.2 Now Available
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The Gigastrand OS is an alternative operating system software you can use on your computer or laptop. You can use many of the same programs you use now but, you don't have to run the same slow, buggy, and insecure software that came with your computer! Fix problems with your current PC or make an older PC run like new!

Gigastrand OS Makes your PC better.
Here's how:
  • It runs more efficiently.
    • Like a new pair of running shoes, it makes your PC faster.
  • It is more secure.
    • Skip the sanitizer, we're virus resistant.
  • It is better supported.
    • Call us for help - instead of your neighbor's kid.
  • It is more compatible.
    • Do something on your PC? Keep doing it! Built-in compatibility with other systems.
  • It is EASY.
    • When we took off the nerd glasses our interface got more attractive.