Gigastrand OS 3.0 USB – Linux for Everyone



Updated to v3.6!


The Gigastrand OS upgrades your PC by replacing the slow, buggy, insecure, and often out of date operating software on your PC.

Un-suck your Computer and make it run like new every time you turn it on!

“It breathed new life into a computer I never thought I would use again.” – Charles T.

Gigastrand OS Makes your PC better. Here’s how:

  • It runs more efficiently. Like a new pair of running shoes, it makes your PC faster.
  • It is more secure. Skip the sanitizer, we’re virus / malware resistant and big on protecting your privacy.
  • It is better supported. Call us for help – instead of your neighbor’s kid.
  • It is more compatible. Do something on your PC? Keep doing it using the same programs you use now!
  • It is EASY. Buck the learning curve. We took off the nerd glasses so our interface is familiar more attractive.


  • Includes 14 day trial of Crossover so you can run Windows software and games!
  • Includes Gigastrand Remote Assistance powered by TeamViewer
  • Includes Steam Game Engine
  • Use the Live feature to try it out before you install
  • Can be remotely installed by Gigastrand Support on request!
  • Install on as many PCs as you like!
  • 64-bit and 32-bit application compatible!
  • Includes a Quickstart guide
  • 30 Minutes of Gigastrand Support Free!

Other software includes:

  • OpenShot video editing
  • Google Chrome browser
  • LibreOffice office suite
  • Firefox web browser
  • Thunderbird E-mail
  • Skype video conferencing
  • Tor Privacy Browser
  • VLC Media Player
  • Kodi Media Center – NEW!
  • Gigastrand NVRNEW!
  • Clam Anti-Virus FREENEW in 3.6!
  • Steam 3D Game Engine Included
  • SpiderOakOne Cloud backup – Updated in 3.6!
  • Games, Games, Games!
Gigastrand OS FeaturesGigastrandOthers
Many applications available to installYESYES
Many programs pre-installedYESYES
Virus / malware resistant out of the boxYESMaybe
Easy to use, simple, and familiarYESNo
Save $$$ over comparable systemsYESNo
 Steam Game Engine IncludedYESNo
crossovericon Codeweavers Crossover IncludedYESNo
iconteamviewer Remote Support IncludedYESNo
 Kodi Media Center IncludedYESNo
Video Security Software IncludedYESNo

The Gigastrand OS is a Linux based PC operating system (Like Microsoft Windows, Linux Mint, or Chrome OS) designed around superior end-user support and compatibility but is safer, more efficient, and less expensive to operate. It is based on Debian Linux and KDE.

You can run Gigastrand OS side-by-side with Windows on your PC, run off of the disc, or replace your current operating system and revitalize an older PC. It runs faster, more efficiently, and is practically immune to all the viruses and spyware that normally clog up your PC. It includes remote assistance from the second you put the disc in so you don’t even have to know how to install it! Gigastrand OS includes revolutionary support systems and software found in no other operating system.

System Requirements
Processor: 1GHz 64-bit Processor or Higher (Dual Core recommended)
Hard Drive: 40Gb Free Space (60+ Gb recommended)
Memory: 2Gb (4Gb recommended)
Video: Accelerated graphics with 8Mb (256Mb recommended)


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