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The Gigastrand Network Video Recorder (NVR) Software is the first video surveillance system in the world powered by the advanced technologies and security of the Gigastrand OS. Gigastrand NVR contains all the essentials you need for video security like live view, playback, motion detection, and support for up to 16 wired or wireless network connected cameras.

What makes this system truly unique (besides being based entirely on the Gigastrand platform) is this system can be installed 100% remotely.

That’s right. You plug it in, and our expert installers can install it and any of your cameras for you over the Internet. No strangers in your home, no muddy boot prints, and no waiting around for installers to make that 4 hour window.

  • Connects to nearly all USB and Network Cameras supporting JPEG/MJPEG
  • Can display and record up to 16 network cameras
  • Can record nearly any internet-connected camera
  • Supports viewing from phone, tablet, or PC
    • Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS compatible.
    • Supported browsers: Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Chromium, Iceweasel, Blackberry Browser, Android Browser, Safari, and many others!
    • Viewable from any browser with Javascript.
  • Software Includes
    • Gigastrand NVR 1.4 software
    • Free NVR 1.x software updates
  • The only video surveillance recorder in the world that:
    • Is based on the stability and security of the Gigastrand OS 3.0
    • Can be fully installed with cameras over the Internet!

Minimum requirements: PC running Gigastrand OS 3.x, 2Gb memory, 80Gb hard drive.

Please Note: This software may run on other Debian based Linux distributions but is only supported on Gigastrand OS

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