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Gigastrand OS 2.x Google Chrome Error

Some of you who regularly update your system might have seen the following error in Chrome:

Google Chrome error
Google Chrome error in Gigastrand OS

We know exactly why this is happening: Google has decided to stop supporting 32-bit Linux operating systems by sometime in March. This means you will stop receiving updates to Chrome after a certain point and it will eventually stop working for some things.

What we have tried: Gigastrand has been experimenting with the multi-architecture (multiarch) feature of Gigastrand OS 2.x to try installing Google Chrome 64-bit on the system so that our customers can keep going with the 32-bit operating system some require for their systems.

While this is theoretically possible, it requires a complete revamp of the operating system itself as many of the dependencies required for Chrome are shared with other programs and would need to be replaced with 64-bit versions.

Internally, we need a version of Gigastrand OS that will run on older hardware, we are planning to develop a 32-bit version of 3.0 that will allow 64-bit only programs like Chrome to run. However, we are uncertain what the result might be.

Solution: Until then, you can still use Chrome in 2.x, you can use Firefox, or you can upgrade to Gigastrand OS 3.0 which includes the 64-bit version of Chrome.


Firefox won’t update Gigastrand 3.0

Firefox periodically does automatic updates and in Gigastrand 3.0, it tries to install an update but errors out before completion.

The issue stems from a permissions error in the installation folder. This can be fixed by changing the ownership in the install folder to the active user. This can be accomplished by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to Computer > root > opt
  2. Right-click the firefox folder
  3. Go to Root Actions > Ownership to active user

Restart Firefox and it will install the update successfully. This should fix the error permanently.

This error is only known to manifest itself in Gigastrand OS 3.0 and 3.1.


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Gigastrand OS: Chrome v26 Broke

Note: This only applies to Gigastrand OS version 1.x. In later versions this has been resolved. Gigastrand OS version 1.2 removed Chrome in favor of Firefox.

Google Chrome (v26) broke the audio and (supposedly) stopped updating because the OS is no longer supported.

The reason for this may be found here: http://www.h-online.com/open/news/item/Chrome-stops-declaring-Linux-systems-obsolete-1803451.html

We have the v23 Debian x86 package for the Gigastrand OS you can download and install.

Instructions for this rollback are here: http://gigastrand.com/gigastrandos/chrome/

You may have issues with compatibility with some Google apps because of the age of this version.